Combining Art and Writing

This is my first blog: as an artist and as a writer. I feel so blessed to be able to glorify God with not one, but two professions.

My art career, which came first, has been extremely rewarding. Making people happy with an original oil painting of someone or something they cherish is gratifying. It is indescribable to watch a client’s face light up with genuine delight and surprise when they see the image of their loved one painted on canvas. In my opinion, making others that kind of happy is what life is all about.

My writing career came next and the journey has just started. Even though I sometimes feel as if I’m in the front car of a very tall roller-coaster, I know the ride will be out of this world—a wonderful and joyful experience. I’m hoping with all my heart that my book will be a blessing and encouragement to someone. When you’re sitting up at night, reading my book, know that I’m praying for each of my readers–that you will be encouraged, inspired, and that it will bring you a closer relationship to God.


2 thoughts on “Combining Art and Writing

  1. I am inspired by your Novel, Joanie. Linden Gareis brought your book to work to show me (the autographed copy you gave to Sherry). To support your efforts, I will purchase my own copy to read. I’m 61 – an avid reader and die-hard writer working on my second novel – Historical fiction. I’ve shelved my first one, but plan on following this through to the end…. Linden is the manager in my office, so as we interact he is also encouraging me as he shoves the work of others under my nose (lol), including “Declutter Now”….Blessings, Pat


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