How to make your day brighter…

Today I was reading in Proverbs 3, where it says … “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” What a convicting passage. Do I praise others for their accomplishments? Not like I should. We all enjoy hearing others praise us … even if it’s only to thank us for some little service. Why can’t we do the same for others? Often, it’s because of self-centeredness. We are so consumed with our own lives that we can’t—or won’t—consider the difficulties others might be going through. Think how many lives we could brighten if we only said, “Thank you,” or “I love you,” or “I value your friendship.” I’m going to make a point to praise, thank, or encourage at least one person a day.  It will make a cloudy day much brighter—possibly for them AND for me!  🙂


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