What do YOU take for granted?

My son is at Marine boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina. In his letters, he writes that he misses certain things he always took for granted: freedom to eat what and when he wants, lounging around in “old clothes” that are loose and comfortable, staying in bed a little longer in the mornings. 🙂  It brought to mind the things I take for granted in my life every day:

1)A companion and loving husband —I have a friend whose husband died at an early age with a heart attack.

2)A comfortable, warm, dry home—there are people even in the small town of Madison who no longer have homes to call their own due to circumstances beyond their control.

3)A loving, supporting family—one of my friends in particular has no relatives—not  even cousins to fall back on in times of trouble.

How many things do YOU take for granted?  In the book of First Thessalonians, verse eighteen of chapter five, God tells us to be thankful in all circumstances. If we take time, every day, to thank God for what we do have—not  taking anything for granted—not only will it please Him, but the new outlook on your own circumstances will put a smile on your lips and add a touch of sunshine to your day.  🙂


8 thoughts on “What do YOU take for granted?

  1. Great thoughts! Every January I’m remind I take my hot water heater and furnace for granted. And every July, my air conditioner. I guess I like to think of practical things — like my hair dryer and warm bed, as many covers as I want and a working washer and dryer. But I also take for granted my kids being home. As my oldest gets older, I realize more and more what a sweet blessing that is.


  2. When paying for a service like electric, water, internet, I get to a point where I just expect them to work and when they don’t I realize I’ve taken this service for granted. This weekend we had a rainstorm for the first time in a long time and one of our internet towers burned out due to lightning. While I was agitated at the inconvenience it was amazing all the other things I was able to accomplish. Blessings wear all kinds of disguises!


  3. My son went through Marine boot camp several years ago and is still in the service. Like you, it reminded me of how many freedoms I experience every day. Both he and I have learned to be thankful for life’s simple pleasures.

    Congratulations on having a Marine in the family. Oorah!


    • Thank you, Kim. Actually, my son has a medical discharge now, so he’s not in the Marines anymore. But, like you, his time at boot camp made us thankful for every blessing God gives us, and for that we are both thankful! 🙂


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