“Hold the Bucket”

My pastor says the glue of the family is commitment, but the oil of the family is communication. Commitment keeps us together—communication makes the togetherness sweeter.

However, sometimes communication is hard—it takes courage, thoughtfulness and especially tact. We should feel comfortable having a conversation about ANYTHING, but that conversation should be seasoned with love, tenderness, and compassion. It also has to flow both ways.  My husband is so easy-going—he lets me rant and rave, then agrees with everything I say. BUT, if there’s something he’s passionate about, he speaks out. If either of you feel stifled in your communication, it drives a wedge between you, and the communication dies.

A big part of communicating is LISTENING.  Sometimes, we get so upset we need to vent or release pent-up frustration. That’s when we need someone to just “hold the bucket.” When your friend … your child … your spouse is upset enough to cry a “bucket full of tears,” all they need is for someone to listen.  Don’t talk … don’t try to “fix” them … don’t try to offer a solution. Just listen. And, “hold the bucket.”


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