I lost the Lottery!

Yesterday, the lottery made it up to $320 million dollars, but did I win? Nope!  It was probably because I never bought a ticket.  🙂  But … I was thinking about winning all that money and what I would love to do with it. It was nice to dream about the things I would like to buy until I read my devotions this morning. Then it hit me. I’m really glad I DIDN’T win all that money.  Today, the verse that spoke to me was in Proverbs, chapter 27, and verse 7.  It says… “The full soul loatheth an honeycomb, but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.”

I believe that verse proves that it’s harder for someone who has everything to appreciate the things they have—even  the good things in life mean nothing because they were easy to come by. But, to those who have nothing, or struggle for what they have, everything means more. Does that make sense to you?

How much happier I am when I struggle for things, or work for what I have.  I appreciate every little thing so much more. I never thought I would thank the Lord for NOT winning money from a lottery or a sweepstakes, but I believe with all my heart that I’m happier when I have a “hungry soul,” because even the bitter things in life turn out to be sweet. 🙂


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