Don’t You Hate Change?

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who like living in ruts. Give me my usual daily routine, and I’m happy. I like to get up in the morning, make my bed, dress for the day, check my e-mail, eat breakfast  then prepare for teaching, painting, or writing. Occasionally, I throw in the trip to town for groceries, a ride in the car with my husband to pick up a part for some piece of farm equipment, or a trip just for entertainment. BUT, if you throw something different into my usual daily routine or way of doing things, I hate it.

However, life has a way of prodding us out of those “ruts.” They’re always changing SOMETHING on the internet: New rules for facebook, new rules for my e-mail account, new rules for e-bay. I HATE NEW RULES!

Why do I hate them so? I think it’s because it takes WORK to figure out new rules….especially when it comes to something having to do with the computer. Invariably, when a new rule pops up, I balk and complain. But, you know what? Nine times out of ten, once I learn the new procedures, or the new way of doing things, I LOVE the changes. They make the whole process work so much smoother. That should teach me something! If I keep my eyes on the goal, not the immediate problems or changes, it makes the changes bearable and me a whole lot happier.   🙂



2 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate Change?

    • Thanks, Carrie. You’re right, and I remember that post on music. It’s funny how we get so used to things and expect them to stay the same, but life is ALWAYS changing! 🙂

      *–Joanie Bruce–* ** * facebook@joaniebruce * * twitter@joaniebruce *


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