Are You Inferior?

Many of us have an inferiority complex. We’re afraid to interact with people because we think if we do, and make a mistake, others won’t love us. How many times have you stood around with your friends and blurted out some crazy thought that you either didn’t mean or it came out the wrong way? So what do we do? We crawl in our little shell and stay away from crowds so we won’t misspeak or say something embarrassing, or we keep our mouths shut to keep from humiliating ourselves.

We think we have to be perfect for others to love us. But the truth is … NONE of us are perfect. Every person you meet, every friend you have a conversation with can sympathize with your faux pas—because we ALL make them. Notice how many times people around you turn a simple phrase into an embarrassing mistake.

Don’t let mistakes in your speech or actions keep you from enjoying the fellowship and friendship of those around you. If you let yourself be “human” in front of a friend, that friend may become the closest friend you’ve ever had. And, who knows? That friend will probably make a mistake in front of you one day, and that one mistake will strengthen the bond between you and make your friendship stronger. 🙂



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