Turning Something Bad Into Something Good.

Saturday I was given the opportunity to conduct a book signing at the Southland Jubilee Festival in Greensboro, Georgia. Since one of their vendors cancelled because of illness, and they didn’t want an empty space marring the perfect line of tents, the City of Greensboro offered me a booth space free of charge.

I have to tell you, sitting under the tent in upper thirty degree weather wasn’t pleasant at all! There was a bit of sunshine filtering through the edges of the tents, and my sister, Jeanie Acord, and I fought over sitting in that tiny bit of sun. However, by lunchtime, the sun was beating down on our tents, and we began peeling off layers of sweaters, jackets, and scarves. By the afternoon, we were comfortable in short sleeve shirts. You have to love our Georgia weather. 🙂

Since I had to stay at the tent permanently to sign the books we sold, several family members offered to help spell my husband Ben, who was running to get us coffee, chicken on a stick for lunch, (yum!) and various things I needed throughout the day. My helpers, Esther Curry, Katy Bruce, and David Bruce filtered in around lunchtime, and we had a family gathering right there in between book sales.

I’m not much of a salesman, so I’m not comfortable “hawking” my wares. Talking someone into buying something I made is not a cozy fit with my personality. However, my family helped ease the fear of speaking out to perfect strangers, and once we got the buyer into the tent, they almost always bought a book. Having family there to encourage, support and help me with the day turned something scary into something fun.

After the event was over, Ben and I treated our helpers to an ice cream from the Dairy Queen close by. The whole day was a pleasant memory I can store away in my “Good Memory” file—all because family and friendship made an intimidating activity bloom into something wonderful. Wouldn’t it make you happy to do the same thing for someone else going through a rough patch of life?  If you can be a friend or a help to someone in a bad situation, why not? It won’t hurt you a bit, and you might help turn  something bad into something wonderful. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Turning Something Bad Into Something Good.

  1. I’m glad you ended up having a good day. And that you had help! I am like you, very uncomfortable trying to promote myself or my product. However, I have less of a problem (though I’m still not a salesman) bragging on my daughter’s stuff. “Yes, my daughter made these! Aren’t they great? Isn’t she awesome? Let me tell you what else she does!” lol Family is the greatest!


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