How To Improve Your Memory

Each and every day I pray. I ask for guidance, I ask for help, or I ask for God’s blessing on some task I’m performing.  God answers all of my prayers—not always when or how I want them, but He does answer. Sometimes, He says “yes” and grants my request. (Of course, “yes” is my favorite answer.) Often He says “no.” This answer might test my faith or make me ask the Lord “why?” but many times when I look back, I see a reason God said “no.” I understand why it was the best answer for me in that circumstance, and I’m thankful for the outcome. Then there are times when God says, “wait.” Those “wait” answers try my patience—they sometimes make me lose hope, or dent my faith. That’s why it’s important to remember the times God said “yes.”

When Joshua led God’s people across the river Jordan into the Promised Land, God told him to choose twelve men and have each one pick up a stone from the middle of the river. With those stones, they built a reminder of God’s faithfulness and watch care over them. (Joshua 4)

If God instructed Joshua to erect a remembrance pile, do you think He might approve if we do the same? Why can’t we create our own kind of remembrance? If you love flowers, why not start a flower garden and add a new flower every time God answers a huge prayer request. What a gorgeous flower garden you will have by the end of the year! And for the smaller answers, why not put a praying hand on the refrigerator for every prayer God answers during each month—with a written reminder at the bottom? As an artist, I think drawing a heart on the calendar when God answers a prayer request is a good idea. What an exciting thing to look back at the calendar for the year and see how many times God heard my prayers and answered!

It doesn’t matter how you choose to remember God’s blessings. Each person has their own unique way of remembering. The point is—remember!  God blesses us each and every day with gifts—caring friends, wonderful families, good health, a vibrant world to live in—but He also blesses us by hearing our prayers. That’s a HUGE gift from the awe-inspiring God who created the universe.  What an awesome blessing! Being grateful for his blessings is a way we can honor Him. What kind of remembrance can you create to help you improve your memory?




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