Just Ask

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had the usual drill: a CAT scan, bone scan, and extensive blood tests. At first his diagnosis was positive: the cancer had not spread. We were all very thankful. Then after second opinions from more experienced doctors, he was given the horrible diagnosis: because of the type cancer he had, it probably had spread into his bladder, lymph nodes and possibly other areas. Even if he had surgery to remove what cancer they could find, he would still have to endure extremely strong radiation for many weeks. The doctors ordered an MRI to see if surgery was even an option. We were all devastated. They basically said there might not be hope for a cure.

All of our friends and family doubled up on our prayers. My sister’s husband is a good husband, a loving father, and for many years worked two jobs to provide for his family so my sister could stay home and raise/homeschool their four children. We prayed hard during that MRI, and the days after … waiting for the results. How elated we were when we received the news: the cancer had NOT spread. No organs around that area were infected. They would remove his prostate, and if they were able to get it all, and the lymph nodes around that area were not infected, he might NOT even have to have radiation. WHAT A POSITIVE ANSWER TO PRAYER!!!

Today, my brother-in-law is undergoing surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 6 a.m. this morning. So … I got up at that time to pray. While sitting here in my recliner, I realized how few times I get up this early in the morning to pray, and how many of God’s blessings I miss because of my laziness. God loves us so much that He begs us to pray with Him so we can receive His full blessings. Remember the parable of the Judge and the widow who stubbornly begged him to help her? The judge finally answered her because she was persistent. God gave us this parable for a reason. James 5:16 says, “Confess your faults one to another, and PRAY ONE FOR ANOTHER, THAT YE MAY BE HEALED. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Please don’t miss out on God’s blessings because you forget to pray, or because praying might be your last option.

No … He doesn’t always answer the way we would like Him to, but He still loves us to ask and to trust His answer. I’m praying my brother-in-law will live a long life with his family and be cured of this cancer. And, I’m trusting God to answer in His will. I’m also thanking the Lord for the gift of prayer. He loves us and wants the best for me … and for you. All you have to do is ask.  Matt 21:21, 22



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