I’m sitting here watching the snow swirling around in the sky outside (yes … we’re finally getting snow here in middle Georgia,) and reading blog posts from my friends about being thankful for the snow. Some friends are enjoying the day off from work so they can spend time in the snow with their kids, and my writer friends get inspiration from the snow and the excitement it fosters.

Small blessings, like an uncommon snow storm, sometimes come unexpectedly, and I enjoy them thoroughly when they are dumped in my lap (or my yard) because they remind me to be thankful for the problems those small blessings bring along with them. I want to be grateful for the little aggravations that accompany the things I enjoy. After all, the Bible teaches us to be thankful in ALL things.

Today, I’m thankful for the outside chores even though the rare snow we enjoy here in Madison makes them more numerous and harder to complete. I’m thankful for the woodchips that fall across my clean floor, because it means I have a warm, cozy fire to keep me warm. And, I’m thankful the snow requires extra hay for the cows because it means the Lord blessed us with an abundance of hay last hay season for a reason.

I’ve found that many unexpected blessings in life often travel with various hardships, but it teaches me to be thankful in all things. What difficulties are YOU thankful for today?




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