Well … it’s hay season, and my day started with a BANG. My husband, Ben, got up early. Oh no!!  🙂

When Ben starts hay season, I always tease him about having “hayfever” with a “glazed” look in his eyes and a one-track mind: GET INTO THE HAY FIELD! His only thought is getting everything done in a hurry and getting back to the field. That frenzy he feels during this time of year radiates to me as well. Hay season is a time when I have to be on my toes and make sure I have his meals ready when he walks through the door……even if he’s 30 minutes early. 🙂

Well, this morning, I overslept. Oooops! He came in for breakfast, and I was still making the bed. Yikes! He NEVER fusses, but he just sort of stands around and fidgets… know what I mean? LOL  He does try to help when he can, and it’s not like I make a huge breakfast every morning….I don’t. We have cereal, fruit, and juice. However, I usually have time to feed my cats (inside and out) and cut up the strawberries, etc. This morning, I just sort of threw Ben’s meal at him and pushed him out the door. LOL

Sometimes I feel that way about my devotions … just get them done and get on to the more important things. Well, we all know that’s not right. My devotions should be the most important thing of my day. They ARE the most important thing of my day. They’re my visit with God, my time to “hear” Him speak to me through his Word and through my quiet time with Him. Sure, I “pray without ceasing” throughout the day, but I’m not listening for His direction during those times. I NEED to hear God speak to me, and by reading His Word, I “hear” His guidance, His instruction, His reprimand, His LOVE!

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  Ps 119:105



2 thoughts on “IT’S HAY SEASON!!

  1. Oh, yes! This hits close to home and steps on my toes. BUT, you are so right! I NEED to hear God speak, and that happens best when I take time to be still and listen. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. You’re welcome, Carrie. And, believe me, I remind myself EVERY day! It’s so enjoyable to spend time alone with God, but so easy for other things to hinder me from that pleasure!


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