My Review of “Distortion” by Terri Blackstock


I Distortionlove all of Terri Blackstock’s books, and this one was no exception.

After witnessing her husband’s murder, Juliet faces the horrible reality that her husband of fifteen years was a totally different person than the man she thought him to be. However, while her faith sustained her, Julie’s family rallied around her to help solve the mystery threatening to destroy her and her children.

What I liked: This is a story of faith in the midst of doubt and confusion, and trust in the Lord during traumatic devastation. The suspense in the story kept me turning pages, and I finished it in one day.

What I didn’t like: It seems almost impossible that a wife would not see some hints of an alternate lifestyle and the odd behavior of her husband during the fifteen long years of their marriage. It’s hard to believe she would have been so completely naive and ignorant of his secrets.

I loved this book in spite of my doubts about her total ignorance, and I highly recommend “Distortion” to anyone loving suspense and mystery. ♦♦♦♦♦  I give this book a five star rating.


One thought on “My Review of “Distortion” by Terri Blackstock

  1. I’d agree that 15 years does seem like a long time not to have any suspicion of something, even if she was completely wrong in her conclusions. Sounds great otherwise! Another book to add to my “To Read Someday” pile. 🙂


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