“The Warrior’s Bride” Book Review

Wow! This book is fantastic. It’s a wonderful treasure of information for married women…military and civilian. Even though the authors promote this book as encouragement for military spouses, all of the principles and guidance found here are applicable for any married woman. It covers subjects all the way from handling the fear of your husband’s death to dealing with a husband whose job requires him to be away from home and the family for long,The Warriors-Bride extended periods of time. It encourages every woman to realize that God forgives us in spite of our faults and is standing on the sidelines begging us to come to Him for reinforcement and wisdom. It also urges the struggling woman to turn to God for love and wisdom in dealing with all circumstances of life.

What I loved: I loved reading the personal testimonies revealed by both Carrie Daws and Kathy Barnett. They used their personal struggles to help illustrate their tidbits of advice and encouragement for the military spouse, and these personal touches are what make the book so genuine and tender.

What I didn’t like: Nothing. This book has a wealth of information, and anyone would be able to find encouragement and assistance within its pages.

I loved this book. I cried when I read about the strong emotional clashes the authors endured, and I laughed at their personal glimpses of life in their worlds as military wives and mothers. But personally, I came away with an enthusiastic decision to have a more positive attitude toward all things in life. If I could give this book six stars, I would. But I give it five stars…..and firmly believe, it’s worth every star!


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