Unexpected Kindness



The other day, Ben and I stopped by Dairy Queen (my favorite place) and placed an order for two small blizzards. When we pulled up to the window the cashier informed us that the lady ahead of us had already paid for our order. We just looked at each other with our mouths open. Ben turned to the worker and asked, “Why?” She said she didn’t know except the man in front of that woman had paid for her ice cream, so she wanted to return the favor. 🙂  So……guess what we did? Yep, you got it! We paid the money for the order of the car in back of us. How much fun was that to watch the faces of the family behind us when they realized they were getting their ice cream for free! It made me wonder if the lady in front of us had watched us in her rear view mirror. Lol

One good deed can start an avalanche of kindness. 🙂 What about you? Have you done something nice for someone today???


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Kindness

  1. That is so awesome! One time, someone in front of me paid for my meal, and it was such an incredible blessing. I was by myself and it was more of a quick snack to keep going than a meal, but the thought that someone would pay for me, even if it was just a couple of dollars, was overwhelming.


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