Would You Like A Smile Today?

This Christmas season, we think about giving to others more than usual, but have you ever thought about tithing more than your monetary income? Think about this: Of the 1440 minutes you live each day, how many of those did you give yourself? NONE! And the talents you might have… a perfect musical pitch, a beautiful singing voice, a talent for drawing or painting, a talent for making others feel at ease … how many of those did you give yourself? NONE! If God gave us these things, why shouldn’t we please Him by sharing them with others? We tithe our income and sometimes we tithe our time, working in a soup kitchen or a food bank, but rarely do we think of tithing on everything that might have been given to us freely.

During my childhood, my family plantedt a HUGE garden, and my parents practiced tithing their “first fruits.” So … as an adult, when our vegetables came in, the first mess of peas, beans, corn, etc. went to someone who didn’t have a garden. It was something we enjoyed doing because sharing always brings a smile…not only to the person you share with but to yourself as well.

That feeling of joy when sharing vegetables with others can also be obtained by sharing talents. Would you like a smile today? Share your abilities with someone else: Paint a picture for someone. Sing a solo in your church or play for the offertory. Sing a song for a hurting child, or use your peacemaking talent to help another’s relationship. I guarantee…..it will make you happy. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Would You Like A Smile Today?

  1. What a great reminder! I try to remind myself that our house was a gift from God, and so it needs to be used for His glory by opening it to others for picnics, dinners, and to be a refuge to others. And the same kind of thing for my vehicle and other things we own or possess. But I love the gentle prodding you provided here to take a moment and think about it again.

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