“Rolling With the Flow”

How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming? This year I only had four. And, unfortunately, I’ve already broken three of them. Lol  I relapsed on the third day of the year, started back up the next day, and so far, I’ve attained all of my listed goals … to this date. (Knock on wood.) But sometimes, if life throws me a curve ball, I give up. Are you that way? I get so busy trying to accomplish a certain thing, that when God throws a monkey-wrench into the works and messes up all my plans, I tend to forget that He must have let it happen for a reason.

There are a lot of things I enjoy doing in my life: Spending time with my children, playing with my music, painting, writing, making jewelry, cooking, knitting, crocheting … you name it, and I’ve probably tried it at one point or the other. But, when I get into one project, I hate it when something intervenes, and I have to move on to something else.

This morning I was making a necklace, bracelet and ear ring set when my favorite tool, the flush cutter, broke into two pieces. How frustrating! I was so in the mood to finish this necklace. A broken tool meant I could not accomplish that goal.

How are you when your goals are thwarted? Do you stomp around and scream at the top of your lungs? Or do you resign yourself to “plan B?”  Even though I’m not a “screamer,” I have been known to complain loudly when something interferes with what I’m doing. However, one of my goals for this year it to recognize that everything God allows in my path is for a reason, and to “go with the flow” and trust His plans. Being flexible is beneficial in today’s changing world, and although I fail here and there, I’m trying.

(And can you believe one of my resolutions was NOT using clichés as much in my writing. Rats! )


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