Writing? Painting? At My Age??

Since I love to write books … and I love to paint portraits … I often think about how these two activities are similar. What is it in both pursuits that interests me enough to keep me coming back for more?

First of all … although I enjoy painting and writing, I believe with all my heart that without God, I am nothing! God gave me the ability to do both, and I believe He expects me to use those abilities. Therefore, when I use them to honor Him, obedience makes me happy.

Secondly … I enjoy how happy it makes others. It’s a true joy to watch the faces of my customers when they see the portrait of their loved one for the first time.  How exciting! And I get emails from friends… and strangers as well… who read my books and say the stories have touched their lives. Now that is inspiring and pushes me to keep writing.

Thirdly, since I started my painting and writing pursuits late in life, it helps me encourage others to reach deep inside themselves and try new things. No matter your age, you can always try something new. If you step out in faith, and let God guide you and bless your obedience, miracles might happen.

So go … try that new undertaking! Learn how to draw, or paint, or crochet, or knit, or make necklaces. Or …  maybe some other adventure. I promise you….it will be worth it, and you will be blessed!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Writing? Painting? At My Age??

  1. You are so encouraging! With you as my cheerleader, I always think I really can do anything–including draw! 🙂 Thanks for the gentle push. Who knows what I will experiment with next!?


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