My Water Is Off!

Yesterday, we had the heat pump repaired, and the repairman noticed a “tiny” water leak under the house. Groan! So… husband crawled under the house and turned off the water valve to repair the small leak. However, when he turned off the water, pressure built up in the line and caused another fitting to crack at a different location under the house. If that wasn’t enough to cause my husband frustration, he found a third leak at the barn when he went looking for a pipe wrench. Sigh!

That reminds me of a fact I’ve heard about lying: “One lie leads to another.” Just like the repairs on the “tiny” leak in our water fitting triggered another cracked fitting, telling one lie can force you to lie again in order to cover up the first. That “tiny” water leak made me suffer all day without water to wash my hands or cook my noon meal. Even a “tiny” white lie can cause me to suffer as well. I lose the respect of my friends, I’m worn out mentally by trying to remember the lie I told so I can keep my story straight, and more important, the sin of lying cuts off fellowship with my Lord.

The Bible says “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, But those who deal truthfully are His delight.” Proverb 12:22

“Lord, please help me to always be truthful. Please prick my conscience when I am tempted to lie, so I can enjoy my fellowship with You.”


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