We Are Loved by the God of the Universe!

Have you ever heard of a perennial Hibiscus plant? For years, I thought the Hibiscus plants in my mom’s yard in Tennessee were ones she planted annually….until she told me they come up again every spring. She has two bushes; one with large pink blooms, and another with red. Since then, I learned they come in a variety of different colors. I loved the large red blooms so much that she gave me a small plant that voluntarily come up in her yard, with a single red bloom.

When I planted it, I placed it right outside our bedroom window. Every year Ben and I look forward to that first sprout, and we wait excitedly to see how many stalks will come up. The first year we only had two stalks, but it produced several beautiful blooms. The next year my cats decided that flower bed was a comfortable place to sleep, and before we knew it, they had killed the tender growth in the early spring. My mom came to the rescue, and once again gave us another plant. Every year, our precious little Hibiscus produces one more stalk than the last year and an abundance of gorgeous red blossoms. Last year, six stalks broke the ground in late spring.

But…this year our faithful plant has outdone itself. When they finally broke dormancy, eleven beautiful healthy stalks came up. Eleven! We were thrilled and waited anxiously for the first flowers to appear.

Today, the first bloom popped out, and I had to show you a picture. When it blooms out fully, I’ll post another picture of the whole plant filled with blossoms and let you all enjoy it as much as we do. 🙂

Doesn’t this paint a picture of the way God anxiously awaits our entry into the world? The Bible says He knows us before we are born and has great plans for us. I couldn’t help but think of that comparison when I read these verses this morning. What an exciting thing to know that God knows us before we are born and awaits our birth so we can honor Him with our fellowship.

What a thrill to be loved by the God of the universe!! Doesn’t that make you want to make Him proud and to please Him? I pray this thought blesses you as much as it has me this morning. 🙂IMG_20160621_102708335 (2)


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