Book review: “Declutter Now Devotional: Thirty Days to Freedom”

Hello my friends. Today I’m posting a review on a fantastic thirty-day devotional. Read it! It will change your life!


About the book:

Quick. Practical. Life-Changing.

Our purpose on earth is to glorify God, but how are we supposed to effectively do this in the midst of busy, overwhelmed, and cluttered lives? We can’t. Or at least not very well.

Are you tired of going through the motions? Ready for a change but don’t know where or how to begin? The Declutter Now! Devotional is the perfect place to start! Quick – Each daily reading takes just a few minutes, spells out exactly what you will declutter that day, and provides relevant, meaningful scripture verses.
Practical – We are REAL PEOPLE doing REAL LIFE. You’ll find relatable, down-to-earth examples and useful tips to help combat life’s struggles. Life-Changing – More than just a bunch of good ideas, Declutter Now! provides tangible, realistic action steps designed to set you up for success!

Don’t delay – START TODAY – and discover the tremendous joy possible when living a decluttered life for Christ!

My review: 

This book is loving inspiration for how to make your life better in thirty days. It addresses decluttering eight areas in your life that will eventually reap life-changing results.

The authors stress decluttering things such as material possessions, time, bad habits, finances, health hazards, destructive behaviors such as complaining and criticism, and even friends; A quote from the book: “God wants us to be surrounded by people who support, encourage, inspire, and genuinely love us.”

Here are some of the areas addressed in this devotional:

1)WHY we gather “stuff” that makes our lives miserable and how to eliminate those harmful things from our lives. It explains how the “things” you have abundantly in your life reveal what is most important to you. Some of those “things” are harmful in the long run.

2)How to also help your children declutter their lives and how to give them a home void of ridicule, criticism, etc, and filled with warmth and love.

3)The past with its destructive memories and unforgiving moments.

4)Making time for God, making prayer a priority, and how to listen and not just talk to God in prayer.

What I liked: For every suggestion in this book on how to declutter vital areas of your life, the authors provide not only Scriptures to back them up but suggestions for ways to accomplish these goals. The suggestions were given in a loving, Christ-like way, and encourage you to make your life better by following these tips. Every chapter has a section at the end that lists ways your life will be improved if you follow the suggestions in the chapter.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I did not like about this book are the things it revealed in my own life that need decluttering. It prompted me to look at ways I can improve my life to better serve and honor my God.

Over all, I wish I could give this book more than five stars. It’s fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a happier lifestyle.

About the Authors: Lindon and Sherry Gareis


My husband, Lindon, and I began writing in September 2009. We had no idea what God’s overall plan entailed, but we were certain he was directing us to share our passion through Declutter Now!.

While working through the book editing process, it was placed on our hearts to begin a ministry as a means to provide resources and services to our readers; hence Action Plan Ministries was born.

Shortly thereafter, while reviewing Declutter Now!’s manuscript, a
trusted mentor recommended that we take Christian Life Coaching classes and become certified coaches. We checked
out the program of study and signed up immediately.

Looking back, it’s clear that God’s orchestration was hard at work
from the very beginning, even though we were initially unaware how each piece would fit together or what the big
picture would look like.

Lindon and I are small group leaders from Glendale, AZ, and have a blended family of three sons and one daughter. In our spare time you’ll find us writing, boating, hiking, gardening, or hosting a family barbeque. We love being outdoors, love being together, and are committed to a lifelong honeymoon…



2 thoughts on “Book review: “Declutter Now Devotional: Thirty Days to Freedom”

  1. Hi Joanie,

    Thank you SO MUCH for the great review and kind words. We have learned that ALL AREAS of life benefit from decluttering and appreciate the opportunity to share our experiences and passion.

    You are and continue to be a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for us and we love you dearly.

    Thanks again,

    L & S


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