#MysteryWeek on Goodreads

In honor of Mystery/Suspense Week on Goodreads, I’ve been challenged to write the beginning of a short plot. How would YOU finish this story???

To the person writing the best ending to this teaser, I’ll send a free copy of my first book, “Alana Candler, Marked for Murder.”…………….


Our 2015 Honda crawled up the driveway as my husband and I stared through the driving rain in unbelief. Every light in our house was blazing as bright as the lightning flashing in the distance, and the back door was standing open.

Homecoming at our church was an all day event: Dinner on the grounds, blow-ups for the children, board games for the teens, and a good old fashioned softball game for the adults. When we left for church that morning, we planned to stay all day, so we left one light shining at the back door to light our way through the dark that night.

Now, fear crawled up my throat and made it hard to breathe. I swallowed the lump and jumped as my husband’s seatbelt clicked in release.

He turned to me with a puckered brow. “Stay in the car. I’ll see what’s going on.”




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