How to be the Most Loved Person in the World


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Do you hate to see some people coming? One reason might be because they tend to dominate the conversation. This makes me think about myself. How many times do I use the word “I” in the middle of a conversation with my friends or my family.

Sometimes, we have an unconscious habit of turning the conversation around to express OUR opinion, OUR advice on a subject, or OUR “words of wisdom.” When you’re standing around with several of your friends, LISTEN to the conversation, and see how many times each person interjects their personal comment using the word “I.” After a while, it seems almost funny.

Most of the time we jump in because we want to help someone or make others laugh. Basically, we want others to love us. But I’ve noticed the most loved people in the world are those who rarely use the word “I.” They’re people who actually LISTEN to others first. Those people ask questions of the friends they are talking to … questions about their situation, their problems, their family. If we would cut out four-fifths of the word “I” in our conversations with others, we would HEAR what they are really saying. And, who knows? We might hear something worth listening to.  🙂


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A Love So True, by Melissa Jagears, Book Review


This book took me forever to read, but NOT because it was a slow-moving story. It was totally fantastic. It took me so long to finish the book because I have a million things on my plate  and could only read a small amount at a time. It hurt me every time I had to stop, because I was caught up in the story and wanted to keep reading.

What I liked: The details of the lifestyle and circumstances of this time period were realistic and believable. It was interesting, but sad, to read about women forced into prostitution and how they were treated by society—even when they longed to leave that way of life and start a more accepted life for themselves. Obtaining forgiveness and the acceptance of the “upper crust” of society during that time period was impossible, and I felt sorry for women caught up in that lifestyle, sometimes through no fault of their own.

What I didn’t like: Even though the plot never faltered, the story seemed longer than necessary. However, this was a minor complaint.

Over all, I give this story five stars. When I closed the book at the end, I was sad that I wouldn’t have it to come back to again. I highly recommend it to anyone loving a historical fiction. If you have to set it aside for a while, you will always look forward to opening it again. Great job, Ms. Jagears! I love your writing!

(I was given a copy of this book by the publisher, but the thoughts, the rating, and the opinions are my own and were not influenced.)

#MysteryWeek on Goodreads

In honor of Mystery/Suspense Week on Goodreads, I’ve been challenged to write the beginning of a short plot. How would YOU finish this story???

To the person writing the best ending to this teaser, I’ll send a free copy of my first book, “Alana Candler, Marked for Murder.”…………….


Our 2015 Honda crawled up the driveway as my husband and I stared through the driving rain in unbelief. Every light in our house was blazing as bright as the lightning flashing in the distance, and the back door was standing open.

Homecoming at our church was an all day event: Dinner on the grounds, blow-ups for the children, board games for the teens, and a good old fashioned softball game for the adults. When we left for church that morning, we planned to stay all day, so we left one light shining at the back door to light our way through the dark that night.

Now, fear crawled up my throat and made it hard to breathe. I swallowed the lump and jumped as my husband’s seatbelt clicked in release.

He turned to me with a puckered brow. “Stay in the car. I’ll see what’s going on.”




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The Devil is After Me!

Do you ever feel the Devil attacking you? During the last few days, I’ve decided the Devil is at war with me. For some reason, he has been trying to discourage me by attacking me through my health. Normally, I eat healthy, I exercise, and I feel great. In spite of this, since the middle of December, I’ve had two colds, tendinitis in one wrist and carpal tunnel in the other (which is not good for a writer) a sinus infection, and as I was recovering from the sinus infection, I came down with food poisoning. Doesn’t that sound like war to you?

However, this morning I read something that encouraged me and gave me hope. It was in the book of Jude, verse 9. It says, “Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

Can you imagine that? Even the archangel of God “dared not” battle with Satan himself. He simply told the Devil, “The Lord rebuke you!”

Moses told the children of Israel, “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” We are just as much the children of God as the children of Israel, and we can “hold our peace,” or rest in the promise that God will fight our battles for us.

If you think about all the battles we fight on this earth, ultimately, they can be considered spiritual battles, and we can’t fight them alone. GOD fights MY battles for me, but only if I let Him. I always try to solve my problems myself. If I need help, the first “go-to” person I turn to is my husband, or another family member. I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget to turn to the Lord for help first. Prayer is a POWERFUL privilege God has given us, and we need to ask for His help in all our battles with Satan.

I’m not saying we should sit back and do nothing. God expects us to stand our ground and stand up for righteousness, but we should only act after we seek His guidance and His wisdom.

My battle with the Devil is over. I’m letting the Lord take over now. If I catch another cold, I know it will be because the Lord thinks it’s best for me to slow down a while, but it will not be because the Devil is winning the war!